Step Up For Health – Dance And Be Fit

100 Million Step Challenge

WHEN: May 1 – May 31

This is a fun, fitness event, where all the participants will use a mobile phone app or another tracking device to count their steps as they participate in a variety of activities during the month of May.


We plan to have individual goals and collective goals. The individual goal will be for each person to see the maximum number of steps they are able to take during the event. The collective goal is to tally up everybody’s number of steps to see if we could reach a grand total of one hundred million steps for the full month of May. Example 350 individuals who average 10,000 steps a day for 30 days will accumulate a collective total of 105,000,000 steps.


Douglas Hawkins
New Jersey
Team Step 4 Step

Chris Steel Edmunds
Pittsburgh, PA
Team ATU

Linda Simms
New Orleans, Louisiana
Team Lets Mess It Up Soul Line Dancing

Freddie Edmonds
Denver, Colorado
Team DSLD Fitness Crew

Clifton Pop Spriggs
Team 757 Crew

Orlando Darden, Jr
Washington, DC
Team DC Life Changers

Duane Wright
Pittsburgh, PA
Team Stepping Into Tomorrow

Diedre Leseine
Pittsburgh, PA
Team Black Girls Run

Da’Necia Gray
North Carolina
Team NW Louisiana Fit Steppers

Catrina Daniel
Team AccounSTEPbility

Frieda Carter Smith
Chicago, IL
Team United We Step Team United We Step – Fre2Dance Line Dancers

Renee Alexander
Los Angeles, California
Team All About Dancing

Roland Ford
Pittsburgh, PA
Team Step On Up

Leigh Williams
Raleigh, NC
Team Million Steps Durham

Darlene Cheng Masamori
San Francisco, California
Team Soul Inspired Line Dance Team – SWISH Team

Isha Hutchinson
Dallas, TX
Team 410 Line Dancers

Danita Moses
Alexandria, VA
Team Keeping Pace

Lola Cya Onda Wood
Charleston, WV
Team Fit 4 Lyfe

Eric & Tish Jennings
Los Angeles, CA

Jessica R Cummings
Columbia, SC

Shimira Williams
Pgh, PA 
Team TEKStart

Marcena Strain
Jacksonville, FL
Team Lavender

Eric Cofield
Pittsburgh, PA 
Fit To Serve

Xan F Walker
New Haven, CT
Soleful Steppers

Zumba Gail
Push Forward Fitness

Alicia (L Boogie) Johnson
Fitness Indulge

Armatha Green
Houston, Texas
Groove 44

What will this event entail?
Everyone is encouraged to participate in a range of activities including dance, fitness, walking, running and all other forms of movement. Every step taken during the 60 day period counts.

What is your incentive for creating such an event?
Our ultimate goal is to encourage people to acquire a Healthier Lifestyle through fitness.

How can people register and participate in this event?
Participants need to complete the online registration form. Participants need to enter their weekly step total on their digital tracking card and include the final total at the end of the two months.

Want to keep stepping toward better health and wellness?
Continue counting your steps after this month and be a part of our upcoming super Step Challenges in the Summer and Fall of 2018.

For additional information contact Challenge Coordinator Roland Ford on Facebook or email or call (412) 225-9190.